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DNS Resolver Behavior in Windows Vista

January 10, 2009

Recently while working with one of my customers I came across some odd behavior on a Windows Vista client workstation. We noticed that Windows Vista workstations that were configured as Web Proxy and Firewall Clients only (no default gateway) were unable to access non-web based remote resources (e.g. RDP and FTP) by hostname (single label or fully qualified). They could, however, connect by IP address. The odd thing was that Windows XP clients configured in the identical manner did not exhibit this behavior. Windows XP clients configured as Web Proxy and Firewall Clients without a default gateway could access non-web based remote resources without issue, by hostname or IP. In either case, web proxy communication (HTTP, HTTPS, tunneled FTP) worked perfectly.

Name resolution on the Windows Vista client worked flawlessly, so I opened a case with Microsoft so they could shed some light on this for me. After some additional research on their part they were able to determine that this was expected behavior on Windows Vista. Apparently the DNS resolver in Windows Vista filters out hostnames for destinations that are not reachable from the local host. Without a default gateway, Vista had determined that it couldn’t connect to the resource because it had no route to the remote network (obviously not aware of the Firewall Client) and so communication fails.

The resolution was simple enough…add static routes to any remote internal networks, or if Winsock access to the general internet was required, then add a default gateway. And while you may not encounter this particular scenario in complex, large scale corporate networks, it is fairly common in small, flat networks deployed at many SMB’s. If you are like me and have recommended in these scenarios that you deploy only the Firewall Client, it appears that option is no longer available.

  1. Augusto César
    May 4, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Nice….I´m a consulant and I face with this problem in 3 differents scenarios and can´t resolve, without put default gateway. Thanks for help, but Microsoft must provide a better resolution.


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