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Scripting with Microsoft ISA Server 2006

January 24, 2009

One of my very favorite things about the Microsoft ISA firewall is the fact that you can do just about anything by leveraging the ISA Server administration COM object. Through scripting you can alter the configuration, automate repetitive or complex tasks, gather session information, import and export data, and much more. Here is a short example of a script that will display the version information for the ISA software you are running:

Option Explicit

Dim Root, Server

Set Root = CreateObject(“FPC.Root”)
Set Server = Root.GetContainingServer

WScript.Echo Server.ProductVersion

Set Server = Nothing
Set Root = Nothing

If you are interested in scripting the ISA COM object at all, ISA Server Administration Scripting on MSDN is a great place to get started. There you will also find a complete reference to all of the ISA related COM objects, as well as some sample scripts. There are some great web sites that have some excellent ISA scripts you can download and use as is. Jim Harrison’s ISATools.org is an excellent resource, as is Jason Fossen’s ISAScripts.org.

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