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TMG and IANA Unallocated Reserved Networks

October 22, 2010

Recently the engineers at Celestix UK brought an interesting issue to my attention. They were working with a customer to configure TMG to protect an internal network using the address space When attempting to assign an IP address from this network to the Internal network interface of the TMG firewall they would receive the following error:

As it turns out, the network is IANA reserved and not allocated (which is different than reserved allocated networks like RFC 1918 private address ranges, APIPA, loopback, multicast, etc.). This was news to me! As we discovered, you cannot configure any network interface on the TMG firewall using an address from any unallocated reserved network. Interestingly enough, my good friend Ed Horley pointed out there are many more IANA reserved networks that I was completely unaware of. You can find more information about those networks here.

If you have to configure a TMG firewall to protect an unallocated reserved network, your only options are to readdress the network using an allocated address range or place a router in front of TMG.