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Forefront TMG 2010 Configuration Change Tracking Description Quick Tip

December 5, 2012 6 comments

Configuration change tracking is an important tool that can be leveraged by Forefront TMG 2010 firewall administrators to audit changes made to the policy and configuration of TMG. This feature originally appeared with ISA 2006 SP1 and was optionally enabled by the administrator. Beginning with Forefront TMG 2010 this feature is now enabled by default. When applying changes made to TMG, the administrator is prompted to enter a description of the change which is included in the change tracking log.

Forefront TMG 2010 Change Tracking Description Prompt

If you check the box Do not show this prompt again you will, of course, not be prompted to enter descriptions for applied changes in the future. If you later decide you’d like to have this feature back, highlight the Troubleshooting node in the navigation tree and select the Change Tracking tab in the main window. In the Tasks pane click Configure Change Tracking and check the box next to Show prompt for a change description when applying configuration changes.

Forefront TMG 2010 Change Tracking Description Prompt